Squared Avalon by Carolina Micó Navarro for Houtique

Squared Avalon by Carolina Micó Navarro for Houtique


A retro design to cure nostalgia combined with contemporary and uninhibited touches.

The Avalon collection are small eyes full of light that appear in the middle of nature to make the footprint of our feet look and never get unnoticed. Personality and creativity in the shape of a lamp.



Carolina Micó Navarro is a creative Product Designer, graduated in 2014 in EASD Valencia, Spain. She have been engaged on a diversity of activities such as workshops, projects, artistic residences, exhibitions and exchanges, for example the exchange experience in MOME University of Budapest, the Artistic residence in LAS NAVES in Valencia and the workshop Breaking Cultural Shock in TAIWAN TECH University of Taipei. In love with design and creation, Carolina has worked as a Graphic designer in GIOSEPPO. She maruted in the award winning creative consultancy MASQUESPACIO. After she worked as creative director in GANTES1944. Currently she work as product designer and art director in Really Nice Things, carring with the creative direction of one of it’s newer brands, Houtique. “I search constantly new challenges and environment where learn and express myself”.

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