Savia Bench by Woodendot

Savia Bench by Woodendot


Thanks to its particular design and practical dimensions it is the perfect item for almost every room in your home. Following the Savia collection design, it is a hexagonal shaped wooden bench, with its top divided by two lacquered wood nerves, that look very similar to the lines on a leaf.

You can easily appreciate its design in every single feature of this carefully crafted piece of furniture. The wooden bench legs, as well as the other piece in this collection, are shaped like hexagons, connected through lacquered wood crosspieces, providing it with stability and resistance.

This bench not only is the perfect match for the Savia table but also an outstanding accessory for every room. You can get it in three different finishes; black, clear stained ash wood and dark stained ash wood, designs that can be combined with two different colored details, black and golden.


Graduate in Industrial Design at the University of Valladolid and a Master in Interior Design at the IED Madrid he have worked on studies for companies such as Estiluz, Repsol and Siemens. He lived in Mexico and England and currently reside in Madrid where he work collaborating with other studios and companies.

He wonders about a priori traditional materials, simple or boring can become a fundamental part of a new product providing them with a function, form or state different for those who had been conceived. Or facing materials with opposite properties to experience new sensations.

He likes to get involved in the production process on first hand, investigating and manipulating the materials that make up the final product. 


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