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Red or White Wine Glass by Ron Arad

Red or White Wine Glass by Ron Arad


The way the glass leans, mirrors the way people bend closer to hear conversation or whisper a secret. The shape of the glass also makes reference to the tipsy-like state a party engenders. With the upside-down wine glasses, no need to waste time when moving from white to red; a twist of the wrist and one can proceed uninterrupted. This set of two glasses make a luxurious addition to any dinner party along with matching wine decanter available separately.

An icon as an architect and industrial designer, Ron Arad ignores the notion of formal disciplines and boundaries. He is a creator in the purest sense, his portfolio of work a testament to his creative genius and free spirit. He defines design as, ‘the act of one imposing one’s will on materials to perform a function’. He is a constant innovator, questioning, challenging, re-thinking and reinterpreting the objects that surround our daily lives.

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