Pelican by Daniel Garcia Sanchez & Maria Vargas for Woodendot

Pelican by Daniel Garcia Sanchez & Maria Vargas for Woodendot


The gentle curves of birds in flight have a mesmerising appeal this piece has been skilfully managed to capture wingspan in solid wood. Designed to emerge from straight walls with a gentle grace, the Pelican Shelf’s walnut plywood form emulates the swoop of its namesake over the ocean.

Offering space to store or display objects in hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms with a decorative flourish, the Pelican’s construction also conceals two or three hooks (depending on size) on its underside for more organization. Handmade by traditional artisans in Spain’s Tierra de Pinares region, the Pelican is a piece of contemporary design poised to take flight.

Graduate in Industrial Design at the University of Valladolid and a Master in Interior Design at the IED Madrid he have worked on studies for companies such as Estiluz, Repsol and Siemens. He lived in Mexico and England and currently reside in Madrid where he work collaborating with other studios and companies.

He wonders about a priori traditional materials, simple or boring can become a fundamental part of a new product providing them with a function, form or state different for those who had been conceived. Or facing materials with opposite properties to experience new sensations.

He likes to get involved in the production process on first hand, investigating and manipulating the materials that make up the final product. 


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