Batea Table Collection by Daniel Garcia Sanchez for Woodendot

Batea Table Collection by Daniel Garcia Sanchez for Woodendot


Batea born from the idea of providing to the auxiliary tables a character more functional. Inspired by traditional serving trays, works both as a tray and as a table. The secret is in its solid wooden tray, easy to extract and use.

Batea is composed of a tray, a lacquered metal structure, and solid wooden legs easy to assembly. Solid natural ash wood has been used for color finishes and solid oak wood for the natural ones. 

Batea Tables are available in 3 sizes and variety of colors.

Graduate in Industrial Design at the University of Valladolid and a Master in Interior Design at the IED Madrid he have worked on studies for companies such as Estiluz, Repsol and Siemens. He lived in Mexico and England and currently reside in Madrid where he work collaborating with other studios and companies.

He wonders about a priori traditional materials, simple or boring can become a fundamental part of a new product providing them with a function, form or state different for those who had been conceived. Or facing materials with opposite properties to experience new sensations.

He likes to get involved in the production process on first hand, investigating and manipulating the materials that make up the final product. 


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