Tetra Soap by Mike Mak

Soap, the humble, everyday household product with a history dating back to 2800 BC – may have changed in ingredients, shapes and scents over the past 5000 years, but one feature that’s never been fixed? It’s slippery nature.

TETRA SOAP is here to change that. Slow-made using a cold process production method, each handmade soap is individually cast in a unique Tetrapod-shaped mold which makes it 100% slip-free.

Easy-to-hold and quick drying, the soap stands on three pivot points, and arrives with a complimentary felt soap coaster for display. With use, TETRA SOAP evenly and smoothly reduces in size but maintains its unique shape, ensuring it always looks good.

TETRA SOAP draws its design inspiration from the huge, 10-ton concrete structures known as Tetrapod. Originally created in France in the 1940s, but most frequently found today on the coastlines of Japan, the four-footed structures are used as “breakwater barriers” to prevent erosion and water damage from dissipating waves.