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Soul_Tech by Mario Alessiani

Soul_Tech is a collection made of 3 different one-off pieces by Mario Alessiani, designed to accost Italian tradition to everyday technology. Soul_Tech includes a Bluetooth speaker, a wireless charger for smartphones and a touch screen pen.

“Creating useful objects for our homes has always been the mission of master craftsmen. Think of a lamp: there are thousands of handcrafted lamps that take advantage of the simple technology of the light bulb and give it a soul. But a craftsman, with his knowledge, can also give a soul to more complex and contemporary technological tools, of daily use”.

The Bluetooth speaker is made of glass and weathering steel, the charger is made of wood, copper and brass, the pen in brass or aluminium.

“The objects that I propose in this collection are the practical demonstration that craftsmanship can fully live the contemporary, taking advantage of the availability of everyday technologies to create aesthetically appreciable objects that we usually buy from multinationals and large industries that work with plastic and serial materials”, says the designer.

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