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Scooped Collection by Jiyoun Kim Studio for UND

Jiyoun Kim Studio debuted Scooped Collection in collaboration with South Korean furniture company UND in the winter of 2019. As a subsidiary of Downing company, which has a long heritage in the sofa manufacture, UND is a newly launched brand for young and sensible consumers. Despite being a brand-new company, UND inherits various experiences and know-hows in the sofa manufacture and distribution, especially in handling natural leathers.

In this collaboration, Jiyoun Kim Studio showcased new stools and benches primarily reflecting on UND's strengths. Scooped Collection literally manifests the form of scoop at the top. The collection belongs to the living lineup. They hope that it fills the special void between a stool and sofa by providing easy sit on posture without overdone backrest. Being a simple piece of furniture with a simple purpose, Scooped Collection reveals its presence as an object in any space, with delicately finished high quality natural leather.

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