Pinion Project by HATTERN and LAB.CRETE

Pinion Project is a collaboration work between two Seoul-based design studios, HATTERN and LAB.CRETE. It started from research about relations of two materials, Acrylic and Concrete, which are contrasting with each other.

HATTERN, focused on transparent materials and colors, and “LAB.CRETE” focused on opaque materials and density, set an objective as creating a new type of terrazzo. Acrylic is a material that creates a light, transmits light, maximizes spatiality, and Concrete builds up space with the properties of heavy, rigid, and opaque materials.

The two studios added color, pattern, and shape to the concrete that penetrates the acrylic fragments, and acrylic that cut pieces and filled the remaining space with concrete. The two materials are non-independent materials that are completely mixed together to complement the structure and function and maximize the properties of the object.

As a result, the Furniture series features contrasting materials at the same time, creating a unique aura.