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Piano by João Teixeira Studio

Inspired by the Standard chair by Jean Prouvé, the main idea behind the Piano desk was to have a hybrid material selection allowing for interesting contrasts. On the one hand, metal is a cold material while wood is warmer. On the other hand, metal allows for slimmer profiles when compared to wood.

The key factor while briefing was to design a product oriented towards a more democratic approach. The result was a minimal desk without any complex productive process.

The rounded corners on both wooden and metallic upper parts adds a sense of smoothness connection between both shapes while seeing the desk.

The choice of discarding drawers led to a different conceptual solution that came from looking at the way some piano players hold their music notes, hence the name. The metal stand is perfect to hold books and documents and it is a fair substitute for the drawer in some cases. Its design also makes room to hold other stuff like plants.

The Piano desk becomes an excellent choice for your home office especially considering its CMF options which allows to add personality and improving its integration within the space.

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