Nunatak by Anderssen & Voll for Nedre Foss

Nunatak is a four-armed candelabra in cast iron. The shape resembles something architectural; like a skyline or a structure of towers, but it brings to mind something organic too; like deer antlers. It also reminds us of geological formations, reflected in the name Nunatak: a hill or mountain completely surrounded by glacial ice.

The Nunatak was very much a hand built project. From hand drawn sketches the designers quickly moved over to cardboard models to adjust sizes and proportions. Then they built a clay model in the studio workshop. The analog and manual work is present in the final product with its marks by the hands and tools used for the sculpting. The clay model was later 3D scanned. The 3D file was then refined in order to prepare it for the cast iron molding. Nunatak is seasoned with linseed oil to obtain a finish that will endure a long life.