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Laws of Motion by Joel Escalona for Roche Bobois

As part of his collection Laws of Motion, Joel presents an experimental re-edition of Movement produced by the renowned French brand Roche Bobois.

Movement, discovery, perception. Perception is reality, and reality changes as we move. Objects that at a distance we judge as strong or resistant, and when approaching, little by little they reveal the delicacy of their lines and the truly lightness of their being… just like people.

There are objects that define us better than a thousand biographies. Objects that at first glance seem static, to which we don’t attribute any value beyond their function, such as containing, guarding or simply decorating, but that define us, since they hide a second unexpected personal meaning.

Walking from one side to the other the reflection is hidden or revealed. The viewer is forced to convert part of the piece. If you move, you understand. However, just stopping to see the mirror completely in front is when the piece is completely revealed.

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