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Labirinti collection by Zanellato/Bortottofor The Gallery Brussels

A one-off series of pieces dedicated to the world of collectors. Six interpretations of different ways of collecting, expressed through unique stylistic and material languages. The project was born few years ago during a trip to Brussels, when the designers had the chance to visit the home-gallery of Marino Fermi and Konrad Kern for the first time. Here they discovered Fermi and Kern’s incredible and varied collections, ranging from sets of porcelain cups to drawers filled with beautiful silk ties, passing through unique and rare editions of Memphis designs. From here came the idea of translating this story into a collection dedicated to all collectors and their boundless and sometimes manic passion. The result is not just a series of traditional cabinets and containers: Labirinti are narrative objects, able to transmit something even when empty. A delicate sign traces the outline of these objects and expresses an idea of collecting, rather than merely representing functional use. The Labirinti collection consists of six pieces: seat, rug, shelf, coffee table, console and cabinet. All the items of furniture are produced by Italian company De Castelli in thin metal sheets assembled and welded through skillful craftsmanship. Each surface has been treated differently obtaining unique and refined finishes. The rug is produced in wool and silk by cc-tapis, an Italian company specializing in handmade contemporary rugs created in Nepal. The colour of silk and its shades wisely recreate the tones of black iron.

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