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Helmet Rack by Halley Accessories

Motorcycle riders know their brands and trusted gear. They are as specific as one can be when it comes to choosing one product or the other to equip themselves, and not without reason. However, the choice might not be that obvious for those less invested in this lifestyle, but navigating it while eluding the usual gifts (a new helmet? Or yet another jacket for their growing wardrobe?) is definitely possible. Beyond the “outside” experience of riding a motorcycle (as a means of transportation or for mere pleasure), our home interiors can be informed by this lifestyle as well. Halley Accessories was born out of the premise to make room for a motorcyclist’s passion in their homes, and came up with products that are as functional as aesthetically appealing, and will make for the perfect Holiday presents, to your biker friend’s delight.

1.Halley Helmet Rack Halley Accessories’ flagship product, this rack is a contemporary home accessory where you can display your helmet with pride. Its spherical design allows your helmet to sit smoothly onto the stainless steel surface, avoiding unwanted damage to the helmet’s inner padding.

2.Halley Helmet Stand Just like the former, the Stand is a function-driven solution to both store and display a helmet. Thought-out as a table display, it can be located on any flat surface and is guaranteed to keep your helmet in top condition while instantly turning it into an objet déco.

3.Halley Wall Hanger Their newest design is a minimalist wall hanger, made with black dyed oak wood and matte black lathe cut parts. Unlike regular hangers, your jacket falls straight without touching the wall, which promotes fast drying after those rainy rides back home

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