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Gropius by Kateryna Sokolova for NOOM

The first furniture collection by NOOM is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding

of the Bauhaus School in Germany. Their ideas of functionalism and conciseness, the

combination of craft and art, buildings and objects formed by a composition of simple

geometric shapes, are still relevant. NOOM furniture is a tribute to the great thinkers who

formed the modernist principles and brought them to life. All products in the collection are

called by names of famous modernist artists and architects. There are ‘Gropius Chair’,

‘Coffee Table Brandt’ and ‘Sideboard Gerrit’.

The designer has “gathered” the shape of the Gropius Low Chair from balls and cylinders.

A round pillow and an ottoman appeal to interact: to pump, to play, to bubble. The naive,

clear and easy shape of the chair and the Low Chair hide thoughtful ergonomic proportions

which let you spend long hours on this chair comfortably.

– As a creator I always feel a strong impact the cultural legacy of the XX century has on

me. After the collection of light and decor which was dedicated to great suprematists, we

launched our first furniture collection as a tribute to remarkable thinkers and designers from

Bauhaus School. – tells the designer and Co-Founder of NOOM Kateryna Sokolova.

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