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The Fat & Slim side tables, as is suggested by their names, are a play on and a dialogue between two extremes. This dialogue is, as it were, pushed to its own extreme, since its ceramic base is exaggeratedly big and chubby, while its metal tabletop is extremely thin, coming to a point with a thickness of just a few millimetres. A contrast between harshness and softness giving birth to a highly graphic piece.

It is also a play between a material generally seen as hot, ceramics with all its artisanal characteristics, and metal which refers more to an industrial and cold dimension. This diversity of materials allows a graphic play between the pieces, which imparts all of their richness. One can thus combine crackle ceramic finishes, reflecting a historical aspect, while still having a more modern view of the tables thanks to the contrast created with their tabletops. But in playing with color combinations, for example, you can also achieve much more "pop" results.

This interaction between mass and lightness is reinforced by the impression of a floating tablet. The curve of the base has been worked to reflect the light and the environment in which it is located. It is the light that, as it comes to gently touch it, gives it all its subtlety and richness. The play of light on this very specific curve also brings it under the tray, giving the impression that it has just been placed there, or even levitating above the base.

These Flat & Slim side tables are very much part of the aspect of Alain’s work that he calls "new simplicity", pieces that go back to basics, while also retaining a clearly recognisable personality, true warmth and humanity.

The “Fat & Slim” collection was done in collaboration with Fermob.

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