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Eye Candy Collection by Lameice Abu Aker and Shireen Salman

In the process of researching materials, both Lameice and Shireen were enchanted by the art of glass blowing and decided to explore the material further by working with glass blowers from Jaba’ village in the Palestinian territories. By experimenting with different glass-blowing techniques, they developed a curiosity for the deliquesce of glass and the shape it forms after it solidifies against different objects, such as stone and marble. They also explored the solidification of glass against itself at different heat temperatures.

This process reminded the designers of blowing bubble gum as children and the final configuration of the blown rounded shapes replicated the shape of an eyeball which later resulted in the design and inspired them to create their whimsical collection of colorful candy-like glassware for practical use.

Each piece is unique to its own character and is not identical to any other.

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