Comparing Conditions by Maria Bruun & Anne D. Vester

Comparing Conditions' is a repetition of form and change of materials put in relation to the idea of ​​function.

By repeating the same three arcs in three different materials and connecting them in three different ways, the meaning of form, function and materiality is explored. The actual link between the three arches, varies from a solid wooden seat, a visible and honest metal construction to a soft, woven curve. The three sculptural works speak their own language through the materials, as each material has its inherent language and technical potential.

The starting point for MBADV is an idea of ​​function that creates variations of the shape through different materials. The project raises the question: When is it a chair, a shape, a material?

At Træværkstedet, Bruun and Vester first made test arches with MDF boards on the CNC milling machine. Then arches of oak are made and assembled.