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The Capital Collection by Fernando Mastrangelo Studio

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Fernando Mastrangelo sets course for Dubai with a new series of sculptural mirrors that reference the city’s natural resources and their role in

Dubai’s emergence as a powerhouse of commerce and architecture. Mastrangelo’s use of natural materials as cultural metaphors continues in his latest series, THE CAPITAL COLLECTION. Individually titled Aurora, Marina, and Sahara, the diverse trio of

mirrors are unified in their use of hand-dyed sand as their primary design material. Referencing

Dubai as an architectural oasis that has emerged from a sand-covered landscape, the collection

weaves a geographic narrative within its commanding visual appeal.

The Sahara mirror honors the historical importance of Dubai’s quintessential elements, sun and

sand. The Marina mirror pays homage to the impact of waterways and architecture in Dubai’s

man-made cityscape. Thirdly, the Aurora mirror celebrates the opulent beauty of sunsets in

Dubai. Each piece in the collection is a unique tribute to the region and offers viewers a chance

to visit Dubai through their own reflections.

"An intrinsic part of my artistic process is interpreting the landscape, history, and essence of a

unique region through my sculptural language. I’m incredibly humbled to have that opportunity

with Dubai and The Capital Collection. If the pieces capture or translate even a fraction of

Dubai’s intensity and beauty, I’d consider that a success.” - Fernando Mastrangelo.

THE CAPITAL COLLECTION can be viewed in person from November 12th-15th at Downtown

Design Dubai 2019 (Booth E38) located at the waterfront terrace, Dubai Design District, Dubai,



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