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Fragment Series by Total Marble x Fict Studio

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Fragment series is an attempt to re-emerge the value of the use of fragmentary pieces from marble making processing. The marble fragments that inevitably come out of the process of marble making processing fall in the value of use, leaving most of them abandoned as industrial waste. However, the studio thought that the marble fragment is a beautiful material that is not artificially machined. The designers intended to convey the unique beauty of the material by using marble fragment and resin.

The fragment series is an attempt to re-examine the value of the fragments from marble processing. Marble fragments, which are inevitable in the process of marble processing, are less valuable and are mostly discarded as industrial waste. The marble fragments, however, were thought to reflect the beauty of the material, which was not artificially processed. Marble debris and resin are used to convey the unique beauty of the material.

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