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Silver Travertine by Clement Brazille

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Stone tubes High resistance in Ocean Blu travertine. The product looks very fragile and in reality it’s a very resistant and light structure. Made by hand in Italy. Product patented for design and structure.

The console takes easily place in the living room or the entry of a house. This design exists in two versions, high or low. This travertine furniture is synonym of simplicity make welcoming space. The lightweight of the furniture allows to be functional and easy to transport. The furniture particularity lies in the trestle made of nested cylinder. The console can be available with others types of stones

he Side table differs with the table plate rounded shape and bring gentleness. The furniture is functional and can be used in the living room, in the shop or in the lounge. The Side table fits in small and large spaces. The furniture is lightweight and originality. The shape and the base of the side table make this furniture unique. The Side table can be realized with others types of stones.

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