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Three Poles Cat Tower by Jiyoun Kim & Hannah Lee

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Jiyoun Kim Studio presents Three Poles Collection in collaboration with Milliong, Korean Pet Products Company. “We love pets, and we always wish to stay closer. At the same time, we look for the pursuit of a beautiful and marvelous everyday life. It may seem impossible to satiate all our needs with conventional humongous and terrible plastic mass so-called cat tower or litter box, “explain the designers. Three Poles Collection begins with the understanding of sharing a single space between pets and partners. By blending the unique color of designer Jiyoun Kim with Milliong's devotion for their harmony, here, they propose the lifestyle for pets and partners altogether.

Three Poles Collection looks for the perfect harmony between the dignity of the partner's life and the habits of the pets. More, the tower successfully performs its core functionality while naturally blends in with the surroundings. They choose proper material and color compositions to achieve a sleek yet solid structure. It is designed with round birch plywood on top of three sturdy metal rods. Each scaffold is modular for the users to freely rearrange them according to their taste. The metal plate inside of the carpet at the bottom serves as the overall support for the product. For Poles Cushion, the metal frame provides stable support on the birch plywood, and the curvature provides a comfortable rest area for leaning and more.

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