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Tecnolítico by Carmen Cordera, José Manuel López Berroeta and Benjamín Espinoza Díaz

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Tecnolítico is a project led by Carmen Cordera, founder of La Galería Mexicana de Diseño. This time, she sponsors and detonates a commercial opportunity for the emerging talent in design and production with the first material belonging to the library of the studio C37: MAGMA 04 ®, the new liquid stone that with its semi - liquid formula improves the emblematic Basalt stone in appearance, color and texture. The set consists in four vases with organic, smooth and unexpected forms with stone texture and appearance, in tones normally found in materials such as quarries, bricks and porcelain. The new color palette of MAGMA 04® is inspired by shades found in ceramics and nature. These vases were designed by José Manuel López Berroeta and Benjamín Espinoza Díaz, following the creative direction and experience of La Galería Mexicana de Diseña, who together achieved this connection between technology and design. These soft shapes were completed after a process of industrial design, 3D printing, molding and casting (in contrast to the extensive artisanal carving process of the traditional Basaltic stone). Innovation in materials generates new tools for industries and this collection is testimony to the future.


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