Winter Kàntir by Martin Azua

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Two versions are proposed: a summer one for outdoors and a winter one for home interiors. The summer one cools water in a natural way because of the properties of clay which lets water breathe. When the water gets in contact with air, it cools down some degrees in comparison with the room temperature. The winter one is glazed, it keeps water down to room temperature without cooling and without leaving wet stains on the table.

In 1999 Martín Azúa made the first version of the botijo with one of his best known pieces, rebotijo. Rebotijo and Kàntir share the same concept: a cylindrical form flattened on the upper part. Rebotijo was made with a slip casting mold by AguadeCerámica and Kàntir is completely handmade in collaboration with the potter Marc Vidal.

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