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Collection 1 by Ángel Mombiedro

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

The pieces of the first furniture collection of Ángel Mombiedro are shown as essential elements of a whole. They function as elementary particles of a system that is only understood by observing some in relation to the others.

They are compositions based on fundamental forms, flat colors, pure geometries, symmetries, straight lines or curved planes in search of a delicate and light harmony. The outcome are objects in equilibrium that seem to come out from funambulism: tables, chairs and lamps stand on a subtle balance.

The freshness of Mombiedro's proposal responds to the freedom with which it was conceived. They are capsule exercises, autonomous, immediate and common materials such as iron, velvet and marble.

The differentiating value of Mombiedro's work is its way of leaning on the different trades, incorporating the advice of experts in metal, stone and textiles, designing and working together with them. The result is an artisanal product made entirely in small workshops in Madrid in which each piece is made manually on request and individually. This direct attention allows a personalization of each object through a dialogue without intermediaries between designer and buyer. In this way, each solution is unique and respectful with the individuality of the client, turning each piece into a collector's item.

Mombiedro's work is nourished by accumulated references throughout his life. Born in

Madrid, with training in Hamburg and São Paulo and professional experience in New York,

drawing a career that grows through exploration in different branches of the discipline and at

different scales; from exhibition design to New York skyscrapers through interior design and

brand design.

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