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Null Set by Buzao

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Null set does exist. Elements in null set do not. “Existence” is used to describe “non-existence”. The non-existence that null set describes constructs sets of other existence. Null set is unique. There is only one “not being”. And there are countless possibilities of “being”. Null set can serve as a subset of any other set. Therefore, “none” or “non-existence” can be a sub-concept of any other concept.

Glass, industrialized material, strong controllability. Being compound, makes it more flexible. Bonded with UV glue, geometrically composited as volume from surface, with well-regulated line segmentation. Both rational analysis and divergent creation.

Visible color is one of the ways humans perceive cosmic resonance. The visible light 400 to 490 (nm) band is chosen as the preferred design color system. Humans have experienced the hunting era of clear blue skies and water. And blue has become an innate preference. It has also become an intriguing color of the stability, calmness and rationality of the times.

The design as a whole presents a transparent body with a thickness. The overlay of visible materials and the sense of its volume that have strengthened the existence of glass in space. It both exists and does not exist. From being to not being, a space evanescence, a visual abyss.

#Table #Glass #Lighting

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