1000 Vases Dubai by Meet My Project & TAM

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

After the first successful edition during Paris Design Week, 1000 VASES goes to Dubai, in collaboration with Meet My Project and TAM, presenting a unique selection of vases in Dubai Design District (d3), 19th–25th March 2019.

1000 VASES exhibition redefines the space and the very presentation of an object. Here the vase: a functional, everyday object rises to the rank of fine-art design, thanks to the imagination of the artists.

This medium is therefore a perfect way to show all the plurality of the artistic scene today. During this edition the public will be invited to discover an exclusive collection of handmade designs by independent artists, made in multitude of materials, reflecting the individuality, sensitivity & the story of each designer.

Through a unique art direction and with the support of Dubai Design District, 1000 VASES brings together a versatile collection from around world and makes exclusive designs accessible to buyers, design enthusiast and the public.

Alex Mint

Tim Teven

Sandra Faggiano

Marie Gehrhardt

James Rokos

Fadi Sarieddine

Claudio Pulicati