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Electroplated Stainless Steel by Buzao

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Violently psychedelic contrasting colors, extend from extremely hot to extremely cold, without missing any visible light band. The hue is present continuously on the folding surfaces like a thermal image analysis. The specular reflection, the vertical and horizontal erecting of the body, the increased various overlaps of the hue, the mutually environmentally reflected light or shadow is the essence of this project.

The combination of repeating pattern of the horizontal and the vertical, is the language from the humble folks. Commonly used in platforms, sidings and wooden pallets at the construction site. The extremely dazzling illusional colors contrast with the rough humble forms, producing psychedelic, jumping, surreal dramatic feelings. Like an illusion of desire, like a reality that is never real.

#Table #StainlessSteel #Bench

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