Grab by Stine Aas for Northern

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Every house needs a garden, and every garden deserves a stylish watering can like Grab. Functional, yet chic, Grab is equally at home in an urban garden, on a balcony or a hallway table as it is in a conservatory or patio greenhouse. Grab’s slim, handheld shape is easy to grab hold of, eliminating the need for a handle. The watering can is light enough to lift overhead, able to water hanging baskets without spilling a single drop. Like the water it contains, Grab’s shape is fluid. The design is simple and original, formed by two interconnected cylinders that meet at the base of the spout. When not in use, Grab complements the interior with a unique accessory. Available in dark green, light yellow and deep plum, Grab is simple to handle, quick to fill and easy to enjoy.

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