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Unintended Collection by Kim Yun-hwan

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Kim Yun-hwan work started out from change of 'unintended' shapes. He wanted to express the moment of the change when it occurred. Traditional wood is his major so he used wood to make a small size tray and an objects. And that was how it began.

In the early part of the manufacturing the 'unintended' series was just an independent object but later in the stage, the shapes got connected in to one giant piece in a shape of a cabinet door.

Compared to an object that had only one single shape, the connection of them displayed a drastic difference. It had more life, strength and dynamic informal look.

He connected it up to more than 40 shapes, reversed the sides upside down and also adjusted the sizes of them. In this process the art furniture was made.

To create them he drew a sketch of the design plan on a 1:1 section paper. Then arranged the woods using a hand grinder, a hand miller, and a curving knife. And finally buffed the wood using sand papers and finished them with an oil job.

The work is done by hand and it took 12 hours a day to complete a piece. So it took almost a month to finish them all.

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