Figure Ground Cities by Marzieh Birjandian for Ateliers STMB

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Figure Ground in architecture is a two dimensional drawings that is used to show the solid components or the built forms vs the inbuilt and open ground. The solid form is shown as black and the open ground as white. These drawings help in understanding the grid of the cities and its urban planning. But besides being informative, they are also very aesthetically unique and considered as an art form. The details and complexity of the cities add unimagined details to these drawings.

Figure Ground Cities series takes the opportunity to look at all cities from a new angle, one that doesn’t necessary has to do with their popularity and political and economical status and makes the viewer curious to get to know each city more, perhaps in its 3D form as well.

Being printed on canvas stretched by embroidery hoops in two sizes, these art pieces bring an artistic touch to any interior space. They are very pleasing to look at and sentimental as it could remind you of your own city or those you had travelled to.

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