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Ash Collection Bed by Pavel Vetrov for Zegen

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Furniture from the Ash collection organically complements each other in the interior. Each position also has a unique self-sufficiency and can be used as an element of an already specified stylistic composition. Functionality is the main feature of the collection. Furniture is the most practical to use. The surface is made of high-quality veneer. Smooth, straight lines give the furniture timeless properties: refinement and elegance.

The bed frame is made of high strength materials, which ensures reliability and long service life. The model is presented in two sizes. The design provides easy access for cleaning under the bed - one of the key features of the product. The side corners of the rounded shape give sophistication to the appearance of the furniture. The headboard of the bed is of medium height, which allows you to comfortably accommodate when watching a family movie or reading your favorite books. The detailed design of the model attracts attention and becomes the key focus in the interior design of the bedroom.

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