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Criteria by Chiho Cheon

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

What is the one-dimensional difference between the homeless and the public? The people who live in cement walls are ordinary people, the people who live outside cement walls are homeless. Cement walls are criteria for the ordinary. But to the people who live in the box are homeless and People who walk out of cardboard boxes are the ordinary people for homeless people. People see the same social phenomenon by different standards. Chiho Cheon proposes a new standard using materials of different standards by suggesting a new material using corrugated cardboard and cement to present new criteria.

To better preserve the feeling of the cardboard, Chiho Cheon lacquered on the corrugated cardboard. After coating with lacquer, cement was put on the cardboard resulting in a seats that is very uniquely designed.

#Seats #Chair #Cardboard

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