Unfinished Vases by Kazuya Koike

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Using a low tech 3d printer for prototype models, Kazuya intended to 3d print real product however for that a high end 3d printer was needed. So to overcome the issue of quality Unfinished vases were born, where the confirmed quality is used as an advantage. You can pour water and stick the cleaning brush for washing etc... in the unfinished part of the vase.

The 3D printer used created this product by stacking material bit by bit from the bottom.

So all starts from the very bottom and the glass plate/cup is inserted the process of this stacking job will be all completed when the flower inlet has built.

After several times of trials and errors, Kazuya reached to the idea of warming the glass plate up before it inserts not to make the material deformed in the process.

The collection included vases of various sizes and 2 colors.

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