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Open 45 Credenza by Sitskie Studio

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

The Open 45 Credenza promotes the use of your vinyl collection. Many record collections are hidden from sight in cabinets, stacked anonymously on a shelf, or stored too low to reach comfortably. The inspiration for the OPEN 45 is the idea of keeping your records in sight and ready to play, allowing you to spend time enjoying the fidelity of your vinyl. Everyone has their unique setup to explore the flexibility of this modular platform. Shelving sits atop and can be moved around, offering an easy way to customize your setup. A discrete cord channel runs the length of the piece, keeping only the things you want to see on display.

Designed to promote the use of your record system, the Open 45 allows the minimum amount of steps to get your record playing.

#Shelves #Console

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