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AESTUS by Oliver David Krieg

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

AESTUS is an exclusive series of stratified wooden vases combining traditional materials and modern technology. AESTUS merges art and engineering: carved from hundreds of layers of wood by an industrial robot, the vases capture the fluidity of the machine's movements in the depth of the wooden texture. Displayed in tandem or as a conversation piece, each of the four vases in the series is functional and durable. AESTUS vases elevate any interior design and celebrate the aesthetics of contemporary design.

AESTUS is the first product design project from German architecture and wood researcher Oliver David Krieg. Published under the new design label, the vases seek to express the forces of formation in robotic fabrication, and explore the dynamics of human, material and machine. The series' distinctive material and iconic shape blends modern and traditional design qualities: a brushed stainless steel inset marks the lip of the vase and serves as a durable water repository, which ends at the bottom as a setback platform. A wax finish serves as a natural protection to the wood.

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