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Sliced by Ammar Kalo

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Elegant yet flat packed, SLICED has tubular legs which punch through a stained plywood seat, with their form accentuated by a slice cut showing their interior and joining with the seat surface. The impetus of the project was designing a flat-packed stool that is easily assembled, celebrates its joints, and achieves a high level of aesthetic sophistication. Starting with a simple three-legged stool, the challenge was creating an expressive, strong yet elegant joint between the seat top and the legs. This was achieved by allowing the legs to piece through the seat and follow the surface geometry at the top. Conventionally, stool legs support the seat from the bottom as they take most of the loads, however with this design the legs latch onto the seat from its top surface and gets bolted through, achieving both the required strength but also a highly expressive connection point.

Each of the tubular legs are sliced to reveal the interior, with the top end morphing into a flat piece where it attaches to the seat. This simple cut reveals subtle details in the product, like the parabolic outline around the cut edge which is produced by diagonally slicing though the tube wall. The milled plywood surface reveals a striated pattern which slowly converges downward into concentric swirls around the metal joint. It’s also dyed with a translucent black stain to compliment the copper plated steel legs.


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