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Ceramic Candlesticks by Harvey Bouterse

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

When Harvey is asked to put a word on his approach, he speaks instantly of his quest for purity. A term that he does not associate with a desire for minimalism but with that of clarifying the lines in order to return to its volumes, their essential characteristics. Harvey's plays are mainly inspired by primitive forms, brutalist architectures and his South American origins. A cultural heritage that the creator binds with audacity and radicality, like his colorful compositions, combining natural enamels and touches of bright colors. With a straightforward and assumed trait, Harvey adds some graphic signs, between realism and abstraction, to some of his sculptures. Details that are reminiscent of the ornamental motifs on some of Picasso's ceramics.

The particularity of Harvey's approach is his ability to relate his fashion practice to that of ceramics. The two productions meet and formulate a story together. There is the garment, the sculpture but also the accessory, allowing the creator to merge the two disciplines. As for the creative process, Harvey composes according to his desires.” I do not impose any rules. Sometimes I imagine ceramics from the spirit of a collection but I can also draw a silhouette inspired by the shape, structure or color of one of my sculptures. Both disciplines naturally enter into dialogue. A resonance game that highlights all the beauty and poetry of his universe.


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