OCULUS by Ryuichi Kozeki

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

OCULUS is a project exploring the relationship between light and objects. Keeping distance from concepts based on productivity, it is thought that expanding or renewing the value of the things has an important role in design. The OCULUS sought to renew the expression of light in the design method.

Hollowing out a radial shape of light from one mass determines the shape of the object itself. Just slightly changing the position of the light source largely alters the resulting outline. Within the object, an impressive gradation of light is created by a wall washer effect (a lighting design technique), and a round shape of light is formed on the table or floor. Moreover, an object in the shape of radial light itself was also created. Having the appearance of a dot expanding into a surface, it can also be seen as an extremely primitive shape of lighting. The project was named after the image of light beaming from the skylight of the Pantheon in Rome. Rather than being lighting equipment that illuminates its surroundings, it is able to express the richness of light within one object.

Awarded Best Performance in Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018.

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