Palafitte by Giacomo Moor

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Bamboo, a material used to support and suspend stilt houses on the water, is reinterpreted becoming the structural system of the collection.

This collection consists of several limited edition furniture of 25 numbered and signed pieces: High console, desk, low table, screen, bedside table and coffee table.

Dozens of bamboo fiber sheets are overlapped and hot glued to obtain a much stronger and more stable semi finished product than wood. Precisely this toughness allows the lathe to work in very small sections avoiding splits and movements.

The natural enlargement presents in nature in the bamboo cane, artificially revived at the lathe, hides a male-female junction mechanism that allows the connection between these vertical partitions with glass tops and volumes with essential geometries. The sandblasted glass only partially reveals the contents of the volumes and evokes thin sheets of rice paper.

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