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Zero Collection by Jacob de Baan for Uniqka

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Zero Collection has been launched with two pendant lamps during Fuori Salone 2017; Zero Lamp One and Zero Lamp Two. Zero Lamp One is made of hand-stitched vegetable tanned leather, while Zero Lamp Two is defined by brass sheets, ingeniously joined together with hand-stitched leather cord.

Both lamps take their structural form with the cross-connection of two identical ellipses. Ellipse is a geometric form, which has a high importance for Jacob de Baan. Having a wide experience in lighting products, the designer has always been inspired by the sun, which has an elliptical form.

Zero Lamps take their inspiration from the evening sun, while hiding the light source and giving away a warm, ambient light. The pendant Zero Lamps are exclusively designed to be hung above a meeting table, dinner table or bedside table. With its eye-catching form, the lamp highlights the space it exists, whether hung individually or as a group.

Now, Uniqka introduces the standing Zero Lamp. Having a steel pedestal, powder coated in black, the Zero Lamp has become a sculptural object to be placed on a table, console, sideboard or on the floor. The lamp shade is not connected to the steel pedestal, ensuring the user to have the possibility of adjusting the light angle. Like the pendant versions, the standing Zero Lamp One has natural and black colour options and Zero Lamp Two has brushed brass finishing.

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