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Delta Collection by LaSelva studio for Woodendot

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Delta is a simple shelving system of pure and honest geometric shapes that connect with each other causing an uninterrupted continuity. The horizontal triangular crossbars are joined at 90 degrees with the vertical triangular stringers creating a stable structure; the shelves fit with the crossbars and at the same time maintain a separation distance with the legs, creating a link between the pieces.

The Delta collection consists of four modules divided into two widths and two heights. The modules can be combined together either in a straight line or at a 90 ° angle. The union of two modules creates a nexus between them since the two triangles become a larger one when connecting. One module starts where the other ends.

All the pieces are produced in solid oak and the solid framed shelves have a sturdy appearance. The system is completed with a series of trays that respond to extra needs with the same shape as the shelves, creating a link between the product and the trays.

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