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Lighting Collection by Ronad Sasson

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Light fixture Wash: Lamp inspired by Japanese culture and oriental purification rituals. The lighting proposed by Asian cultures almost always reflects a certain comfort and minimalism.

Light fixture Joy: It honors the Brazilian rural culture, especially in the state of Minas Gerais, where the oxen arrested the wagons used an artifact called canga, that held them in pairs organizing in a linear way the traction.

Light fixture Avell: It has a direct relation with the affective memory of the old study desks and literary works, the formatting of the project with small characteristics and downward illumination lend heat, isolation and coziness.

Light fixture XXO: The dome in blown and sandblasted glass is typical of the 50's, the objective was really the strong and complementary contrast between the design of this dome with the technological base and the present of the methacrylate, concluding a union between two times in a gentle and playful way .

Light fixture Sly: it is a study with affective memory to the stories of Gulliver, although it is not a miniature, Sasson wanted to bring the reading of a conventional table lamp, of conventional base dome, to a minimum and portable format, ideal for uses in situations where conventional lighting could not be used.

Light fixture Wey: Looks for a relationship between the gravitational process suggested by the weight of the central ball in conflict with a kinetic suggestion provided by the layers of rows of wood plies, the result of the contrast seems to differ between the views of the observer.

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