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Armstrong by Lucas & Filip Houdek

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

“Just like in sport, we leave the landscape of everyday reality and plunge into deepness of our heart.

Though the world around us crumbles, we focus only on the most important thing, the target. Every project and every way brings us new challenges. We get to know our limits, which we then try to break. Thanks to cycling, which is one of the most challenging sports discipline, we move the limit of our body to the maximum possible for us. There in art, at the moment of absolute concentration, the realm of communication between the created object, the canvas or the installation, and the visitor is suddenly revealed” says Filip Houdek.

An imposing hanging pendant named Armstrong, weighing around 100 kg, is waiting for

you at the exhibition in Kvalitář, Prague. The Armstrong lighting object is inspired by the perfect

design of bicycle frames and the re-design process of Marcel Duchamp. The aim is to minimize

weight and maximize strength. It is a salute to the seven-time winner of Tour de France Lance


The exhibition is inspired by passion for cycling will be named OBSESSION. From 25th of May to 21st of September 2018, Kvalitar Gallery, Prague.

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