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Osis by llot llov

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Combining design with handicrafts - knitting, macrame, natural coloring technologie resulted in Osis, the fifth series of pieces of furniture that impress with their unusual appearance.

Designers Jacob Brinck and Anya Bauer were able to translate the use of salt and the process of osmosis in the design of furniture and get delicious results in the form of a color collection of tables of different sizes. The collection is capable of customization - block geometric bases and changeable table tops allow the tables to easily change their appearance.

Watercolor stains were obtained with the help of the usual substance - ordinary salt. Spreading grains of salt on the evenly painted surface of the tree generates kaleidoscopic patterns: salt absorbs liquid and creates incredible gradients - a bright rim around in the middle of a dark periphery.

The Osis technique provides the ability to obtain drawings of 3 types: CLUSTER (grouped patterns), RANDOM (random order), STRIPE (strips). As for the coloring, it can be monochrome (shades of the same color) or multi-colored. In general, the final result depends on the type of salt used, humidity and reaction time.

All tables are covered with three layers of PU-varnish, resistant to water and oil, do not contain harmful substances and are 100% hand-made.

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