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OAK OAK Chair by Morten Husum Nielsen

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

OAK OAK is a children's chair with a storage space for toys and books etc. The chair consists of two parts, an oak frame and a cork seat. When you remove the lid from the seat you get access to the storage compartment. The box consists of smaller parts which are assembled like a puzzle and held in place by the frame.

As cities become more populated and living space is getting smaller, our need for storage solutions is increasing. In old furniture types we can find solutions to some of the same problems we meet today. OAK OAK is a reinterpretation of the box Settle, an old furniture type known by its storage compartment under its seat.

The project approach is about rediscovering old materials using new forms of production. By taking advantage of rapid prototyping Morten was able to gradually approach the final result by testing the aesthetic, technical and functional aspects. The results of this project demonstrate some of the advantages of new production methods such as CNC milling. The results of this project demonstrate how both process and production can take advantage of new technologies.

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