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The Indigo-Dyed Bamboo Chair by Jin Kuramoto

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

By combining both the handmade bamboo bending process to the natural indigo-dyed technique normally applied to textiles, the Japanese designer Kuramoto has conceived a new kind of furniture typology. Employing bamboo, which is certainly one of the highest quality in Taiwan– thanks to the bamboo forests –, Kuramoto tailors a new kind of seating.

His elegant and refined chair is also simplified in terms of bamboo weaving which indicates a refresh look at the traditional Asian furniture style. It reinforces the aesthetics and sustainability of the chair and introduces a sense of tactility and comfort. Using 1,20 m long bamboo pieces that are bent and assembled, it has a height of around 80,3 cm, a width of 114 cm and a diameter of 76,6 cm.

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