Tea Table by Wang Jinyang

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

This graduation design theme is to slow down, Increased pressure in modern Chinese society which has been pushing most people in cities to live a fast-paced life. They always eat quickly, take the quickest means of transportation, and buy things quickly. They don't even have time for sleep, not to mention leisure. Enjoying real life is such a luxury to those busy people. When fast becomes the theme of people's life, fewer and fewer people can stop to feel the meaning of life. Slow life is also becoming more and more distant from people's life.

This round tea table round is made of carbon ceramic. Three bamboo legs are made of hollow bamboo and aluminum tubes. One of the hollow table feet can be the space for the candles to be placed when heating tea, and also suitable for the space of arranging flowers and incense, thus realizing the functionality of the whole tea ceremony.

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