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Separation and Connection by Shel Han

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

People often choose to check their phones in their spare times. The rich information on our phones make us feel a sense of involvement to the world. On the other hand, being connected to a virtual world also makes us more and more separated from the people standing next to us , our inner selves, and the current moment.

“Separation and Connection” is a set of public seating design which seeks to provide another viewpoint on public seating and inspire people to notice more about themselves and the surroundings. The three seating spaces tell different stories - Separating people from the surroundings let us concentrate on the moment of oneself; Separating the distance between people makes us more aware of the surroundings; Connecting people yet keep them at a distance makes us more willing to know about each other.

The design explores the borders between furniture with space to create different sitting scenarios and explore the relationships between people as well as between the environment and oneself. The set of seating will be exhibiting during the 2018 Shenzhen Design Week to offer people a place to rest and enjoy the moment of sitting.

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