Köllen Eget by Köllen Design

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Köllen Design's style is based on simplicity and functionality, along with dynamism and a care for the finishing touches. Thus, a hybrid between the pragmatism of the industrial product and the aesthetics of the sculpture is reached. In addition, it also turns to the warmth of the materials and the generation of practical, simple and coherent solutions from simple, functional and dynamic designs.

Köllen Eget, is a new concept of workspace adapted to new habits and the use of new technologies. The innovation proposed in this product lies in the introduction of the concepts of dynamism and adaptability to the field of design furniture, normally formed by products with a rigid and fixed structure. Namely, Köllen Eget generates an interaction between the product and the user, allowing the reorganisation of the space and the creation of a personalised ambience, adapting to each user through light, sound and the presence of different mobile elements.